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About Medicaid in Texas*
"Medicaid is the State and Federal cooperative venture that provides medical coverage to eligible needy persons. The purpose of Medicaid in Texas is to improve the health of people who might otherwise go without medical care for themselves and their children. Medicaid is different in every state. HHSC's Medicaid Office is responsible for statewide oversight of the Texas Medicaid Program." *source: Texas Health and Human Services Commission, Austin, TX 78708-5200
Texas Children’s Medicaid and Children's Health Insurance Program:
"Low-income children may receive health care coverage through the Children's Medicaid program or the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP). Both programs provide a wide range of benefits to keep kids healthy, including doctor’s visits, immunizations, prescription drugs, lab and X-ray charges, hospital care, eyeglasses and dental services."*source: Texas Health and Human Services Commission, Austin, TX 78708-5200

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Medicaid in Texas: How It Works; An Introduction to Texas Medicaid; What is Texas Medicaid?

  • web page:
    MEDICAID | Texas

    source:healthinsuranceinfo.net - Georgetown University's Health Policy Institute
    languages: English
    (published update: July 2009) Texas Medicaid is covered in a one-page review, which includes details about low income eligibility guidelines. This site has additional pages on Texas health insurance topics, especially geared to the low income adult who might not afford health coverage on their own. The source is a well-known expert organization associated with Georgetown University.
  • web page:
    Texas Medicaid in Perspective

    source:Texas Health and Human Services Commission
    languages: English
    (update 1/2011) These pages contain "The Pink Book", which is a scholarly presentation of the case for Medicaid, and how it has changed, and will continue to change. It is not a good choice for day-to-day how-to information.
    • also from Texas Health and Human Services Commission:
      web page:
      The State Plan - Medicaid
      languages: English
      (last updated on 05/16/2011) The "State Plan" claims to be the official Texas government plan on how Medicaid will be structured and administered in Texas. Much of the content is actual parts of the legislature's bill. NOT a site to find how-to info, but valuable for research purposes.

  • web page:
    Texas Medicaid

    source:GovBenefits.gov - Your Benefits Connection
    languages: English
    (no date of publication) A short overview of Texas Medicaid, from this Federal government web site.

  • web page:
    Key Medicaid Figures for Texas for 2011

    source:Elder Law Answers
    languages: English
    (updated: 3/2011) A brief summary of Texas Medicaid monetary limits and asset regulations, presented by a Texas elder-law attorney.
  • web page:
    Texas & United States State Medicaid Fact Sheets

    source:Kaiser Family Foundation
    file size: languages: English
    (no update data shown) Demographic statistics regarding poverty, low-income populations and health care.
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