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Answers and information about Medicare, prescription drug coverage and health insurance involves searching through hundreds of pages at government and private websites. To help seniors and caregivers get started in their search, our editors have compiled this digest of Pennsylvania Medicare help and information resources.
Pennsylvania Medicaid: Medicaid assistance and Pennsylvania Medicaid help Were you looking for Pennsylvania Medicaid instead of Pennsylvania Medicare? This link provides a directory of Medicare web sites, articles, publications, brochures
The Medicare Coverage Gap (The Doughnut Hole) A directory of web sites, articles, and publications that helps explain what and how the Prescription Drug Coverage Gap works.

Pennsylvania Medicare Coverage, Prescription Drug Plans
Pennsylvania Medicare Help Articles & Resources

Information from varied resources about Medicare in Pennsylvania
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brochure or publication: Your Guide to Medicare Supplement Insurance (Pennsylvania)

source:Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Insurance Department

file size: 9 pg.   date: September, 2005

"In the past, shopping for your Medicare supplement — or “Medigap” — insurance was extremely confusing and difficult because companies offered policies with completely different benefits at a wide range of prices..."
Medicare Web Page: Links for Medicare Consumers

source:Quality Insights of Pennsylvania,

"Quality Insights of Pennsylvania wants you to get credible Medicare and wellness information, so we have provided these links to helpful Internet sites..."
Medicare brochure or publication:
Pennsylvania Medicare Drug Plan Ratings

file size:5 pg.  languages: English
"...This AARP rating tool contains information about “stand-alone” Medicare plans in your state that cover only prescription drugs...."
Medicare brochure or publication:
(Pennsylvania) PHCA urges Congressional leaders to oppose Medicare cuts

source:Pennsylvania Health Care Association
file size:2 pg.  languages: English
"...Pennsylvania would lose $140 million – ranking seventh nationally in funding cuts – if proposed Medicare changes are enacted..."
Medicare Web Page: Still have questions about Medicare Part D?

source:Pennsylvania Department of Aging

"Unless you are just becoming eligible for Medicare or have lost your existing prescription drug coverage, the next enrollment period begins on November 15, 2006 with your coverage beginning on January 1, 2007...."
Medicare brochure or publication: Choosing A MediGap Policy: 2005, "The Official U.S. Government Site for People with Medicare"

file size: 100 pg, available also in large print version   languages: English

Although the new Plan D Medicare program will bring changes to the MediGap programs, this brochure gives a basic understanding on choosing Medicare supplemental health insurance. There is brief information for residents of Pennsylvania."
Medicare brochure or publication: The New Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit and How it Impacts Pennsylvania’s Dual Eligibles

source:The National Mental Health Association

file size: 42 pg.   languages: English

Information about new prescription coverage plans for Pennsylvania residents on both Medicare and Medicaid
Medicare Web Page:
(Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Finder

source:Medicare: The Official U.S. Government Site for People with Medicare
languages: English
Find and compare plans for all states, including Pennsylvania Medicare Prescription Drug plans


Long Term Care In Pennsylvania Topics, Web Sites, Help

Long Term Care web page: Long Term Care in Pennsylvania

source:Pennsylvania Department of Aging
"This website was designed to provide quick and easy access to comprehensive information about the many long term care and service options available throughout Pennsylvania. ..."
Long Term Care web page: Choosing A Nursing Home

source:PA Department of Health
"Pennsylvania ranks 2nd in the nation for population aged 65 or over. This creates unique opportunities and challenges in promoting the ongoing health of our residents..."

source:PA Department of Health

Long Term Care web page: Welcome to the Pennsylvania Health Care Association!

"The Pennsylvania Health Care Association (PHCA) and its sister organization, the Center for Assisted Living Management (CALM), represent over 300 long term care and senior service providers that care for more than 60,000 elderly and disabled individuals across Pennsylvania..."

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