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Definitions of Medicaid in Oklahoma

Medicaid in Oklahoma*

"SoonerCare (Oklahoma Medicaid) is a health coverage program jointly funded by the federal and state government. This program helps pay some or all medical bills for many people who can't afford them. The Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA) is the state agency that administers the program and determines financial eligibility for the program. "
*source: Oklahoma Health Care Authority , Oklahoma City, OK 73107

Children's Medicaid in Oklahoma

See the section on this page Health Programs for Children: CHIP: Oklahoma

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Medicaid in Oklahoma: How It Works; An Introduction to Oklahoma Medicaid; What is Oklahoma Medicaid?

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Oklahoma Medicaid Eligibility, How to get Medicaid in Oklahoma, Requirements, Medicaid Income Limits


Oklahoma Medicaid Citizenship Requirements


Applying for Oklahoma Medicaid


Oklahoma Medicaid Offices; Medicaid HELPLINE


Oklahoma Medicaid Health Plans, HMO


Find Oklahoma Medicaid Physicians, SoonerCare Doctors


Children's Medicaid: Health Programs for Children: Oklahoma CHIP, SCHIP:


What is Medicaid for children in Oklahoma?

The Oklahoma State Children’s Health Insurance Program, or SCHIP:

"The State Children's Health Insurance Program, also known as SCHIP, provides health care coverage for uninsured infants, children and teen-agers in Oklahoma. Oklahoma and every state in the nation have this program. Your child is eligible for SCHIP if your family income meets a certain Federal guideline based on a higher income bracket than the traditional Medicaid program.
source: GovBenefits.gov (www.GovBenefits.gov), Washington, D.C.

The Oklahoma Child Health program:

"Child Health, also known as Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment (EPSDT), is a preventive health care package for children age 20 or younger enrolled in Oklahoma Medicaid."
source: Oklahoma Health Care Authority , Oklahoma City, OK 73107

What is CHIP?

"Originally created in 1997, the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) is a state and federal partnership that provides low-cost health insurance coverage for children in families who earn too much income to qualify for Medicaid but cannot afford to purchase private health insurance coverage. States have considerable flexibility to establish income eligibility rules for CHIP, but children enrolling in the program must be otherwise uninsured."
source: InsureKidsNow.gov - Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. , Washington, DC

Oklahoma Medicaid Benefits and Coverage: Medicaid Services


Medicaid Prescription Drugs; Preferred Drug List


Oklahoma Medicaid Dental Services; Dentist


Other Health Coverage Options in Oklahoma


Oklahoma Medicaid and Nursing Homes, Assisted Living, Home Health Care


Oklahoma Medicare / Medicaid Dual Eligibles - Medicaid for people who are on Medicare


Oklahoma Medicaid Waiver Programs

Medicaid Community Waivers in Oklahoma

"A waiver is a funding mechanism which allows the state to offer community-based services as an alternative to institutional services. The term waiver specifically refers to two elements of home and community-based services:

First, the state applies to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services for a special waiver or a special allowance from the services typically included in the State Medicaid Plan. This waiver allows the state to use Medicaid funds to provide alternative community supports for a targeted population who is at risk for institutionalization. Second, the individuals served waive the institutional services for which they are eligible in order to receive community-based supports.

The Oklahoma Department of Human Services (OKDHS), Developmental Disabilities Services Division (DDSD) currently operates four waiver programs. "
*source: Oklahoma Department of Human Services , Oklahoma City, OK 73125
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