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Finding the right answers and information about a complicated topic like Medicaid can mean searching through hundreds of pages at government and private websites. To help seniors and caregivers get started in their search, our editors have compiled this digest of North Dakota Medicaid help and information resources.

North Dakota Medicaid; Medicaid ND; Medicaid in North Dakota


North Dakota Medicaid Eligibility; How to get Medicaid in North Dakota

web page:
(North Dakota) Who is eligible?
source:North Dakota Department of Human Services
languages: English
"The following is a general outline of Medicaid Program eligibility requirements..."

more from North Dakota Department of Human Services:
Application For Health Care Coverage
8pp; languages: English and others
"for Children, Families, and Pregnant Women; State of North Dakota, Department of Human Services..."

Medicaid web page:
North Dakota

source:American Diabetes Association
  languages: English
"The following information details health insurance and assistance programs available to uninsured people in North Dakota...."

North Dakota Medicaid Help & Publications, North Dakota Public Health Insurance, Health Care

Information from varied resources about Medicaid in North Dakota
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Medicaid brochure or publication:
Guide to North Dakota Medicaid - Primary Care Provider Program

source:North Dakota Department of Human Services
20pp   languages: English
"The basic feature of the primary care provider program is to have a single medical professional to provide your primary care..."
web page:
Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP)
languages: English
"Do you know a child who doesn't have health insurance coverage? The state's Healthy Steps Children's Health Insurance Program can provide a healthier future for many of these children."
Medicaid brochure or publication:
Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services in Medicaid and SCHIP in North Dakota

source: US Dep't of Health and Human Services, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
file size: 6 pg.   languages: English
"As of July 2003, 55,620 people were covered under North Dakota's Medicaid/SCHIP programs. There were about 53,500 enrolled in the Medicaid program and 2120 in the separate SCHIP program. In state fiscal year 2002, North Dakota spent $441 million to provide Medicaid services.... "
brochure or publication:
The Medicaid Program: A Brief Overview

source:AARP Policy and Research
file size: 4 pg.   languages: English
"Within broad federal guidelines, states have the flexibility to design and manage their Medicaid programs... Medicaid eligibility is limited to individuals who fall into specified categories. "
web page:
North Dakota & United States State Medicaid Fact Sheets

source:Kaiser Family Foundation
file size: 1 pg.   languages: English

web page:
North Dakota Medicaid and Medicare Nursing Homes

source:The Nursing Home Project
languages: English
Directory of nursing homes and long term care facilities in North Dakota, with Medicaid and Medicare nursing home information. Besides a state directory, there are seperate pages for the main North Dakota cities- Bismarck North Dakota Nursing Homes, and Fargo North Dakota
Medicaid brochure or publication:
A Consumer's Guide to Getting and Keeping Health Insurance in North Dakota: Medicaid
file size: 38pg.   languages: English
from GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY HEALTH POLICY INSTITUTE. " Medicaid is a program that provides health coverage to some low-income North Dakota residents. Medicaid covers families with children and pregnant women, medically needy individuals, the elderly..."
Medicaid brochure or publication:
file size: 2pg.   languages: English
"The Medicaid program provides health insurance for over 33,000 low-income children in North Dakota. Medicaid is an indispensable health program providing health insurance coverage for part or all of the year to one in three children..."

web page:
North Dakota Public Health Insurance for Parents

source:National Center for Children in Poverty
languages: English
"Parents have access to public health insurance coverage primarily through plans that target “families”, with significant variation by state in the types of plans that are available and in the eligibility criteria that parents must meet. Most family plans are funded through Medicaid, but a handful of states have waivers to use State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) funds to cover parents..."
more from National Center for Children in Poverty:
North Dakota Demographics of Low-Income Children
languages: English
"Research suggests that, on average, families need an income of about twice the federal poverty level to meet their most basic needs. Children living in families with incomes below this level—$40,000 for a family of four in 2006—are referred to as low income..."



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