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Answers and information about Medicare, prescription drug coverage and health insurance involves searching through hundreds of pages at government and private websites. To help seniors and caregivers get started in their search, our editors have compiled this digest of Minnesota Medicare help and information resources.
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Web page:
Understanding Medicare in Minnesota

source: Minnesota Senior Federation
languages: English
more from Minnesota Senior Federation:
Medicare Web Page:
Health Care Choices for Minnesota Seniors
"This designed to help Minnesota seniors navigate through many available options and programs, particularly when choosing a Medicare supplement or HMO plan..."

Web page:
Has the Donut Hole trap trapped you?
languages: English
"The Minnesota Senior Federation has several services to help you control your prescription drug costs...."

Web page:
(Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Finder

source:Medicare: The Official U.S. Government Site for People with Medicare
languages: English
Find and compare plans for all states, including Minnesota Medicare Prescription Drug plans
Web page:
Buying Health Care - Medicare

source: Minnesota Health Information - Minnesota Department of Health
languages: English

Web page:
Frequently Asked Questions about Medicare Billing (at Mayo Clinic)

source: Mayo Clinic
languages: English
"Does Mayo Clinic accept Medicare assignment, and other questions for patients of the Mayo Clinic? ..."

Brochure or publication:
A Consumer's Guide to Getting and Keeping Health Insurance in Minnesota
file size: 38pg.   languages: English
from GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY HEALTH POLICY INSTITUTE. As a resident of Minnesota, you have rights under federal and state law that will protect you when you seek to buy, keep, or switch your health insurance, even if you have a serious health condition. This guide describes your protections as a resident of Minnesota.

Web page:
The Medicare Coverage Gap (The Doughnut Hole)
languages: English
A directory of web sites, articles, and publications that helps explain what and how the Prescription Drug Coverage Gap works.

Brochure or publication:
Minnesota’s plan to access affordable prescription medication

source:Minnesota Department of Human Services
2 pages; languages: English
"Health care costs in Minnesota and throughout the U.S. are increasing at alarming rates; the soaring price of prescription drugs is a significant contributing factor..."

Web page:
Minnesota RxPrice Compare

source:Minnesota RxConnect
languages: English
"Minnesota RxPrice Compare displays pharmacy prices of about 200 of the most commonly used prescription medications. This information will assist you in comparison shopping among pharmacies to get the best local price for your prescriptions..."

Brochure or publication:
Minnesota Medicare Drug Plan Ratings

file size:5 pg.  languages: English
"...This AARP rating tool contains information about “stand-alone” Medicare plans in your state that cover only prescription drugs...."
Brochure or publication:
Senior LinkAge Line™ Report to the Community

source:Minnesota Board on Aging
16 pages; languages: English
"Since 1994, the Senior LinkAge Line,™ a service of the Minnesota Board on Aging, in conjunction with Area Agencies on Aging, has provided critical information and assistance by phone, Internet, and in-person in areas such as health, home care, housing, and prescription drugs..."
more from Minnesota Board on Aging:
Brochure or publication:
Call RxConnect
2 pages; languages: English
"When you call RxConnect, a trained specialist will find the right drug manufacturer patient assistance programs to meet your income and prescription needs..."

Brochure or publication:
Understanding Medicare - Health Insurance Counseling
2 pages; languages: English
" We’ll get you connected to the services you need - State Health Insurance and Assistance Program (SHIP), Home Health Care, Housing, Transportation, Caregiver Support, Legal Assistance, Grandparents raising Grandchildren, Long-term Care options..."

Bbrochure or publication:

source:Minnesota Department of Commerce - Insurance
4 pages; languages: English
Basic And Extended Basic Medicare Supplement Insurance Currently Marketed In Minnesota
more from Minnesota Department of Commerce - Insurance:
Brochure or publication:
What you need to know - Medicare & Medicare Supplemental Insurance
15 pages; languages: English
"This consumer guide summarizes Medicare coverage, identifies the gaps in Medicare coverage, and describes the choices available for supplementing your Medicare insurance in Minnesota..."

Brochure or publication:
Your Medicare Rights and Protections

source: U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
44pp   languages: English
Fairly detailed explanations and descriptions about your Medicare rights and protections.

Brochure or publication:
Lanscape: 2007 Minnesota Stand-Alone Prescription Drug Plans

source:CENTERS FOR MEDICARE & MEDICAID SERVICES, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
file size:3 pg.   languages: English  date:2007
Minnesota 2007 Medicare Part D Stand-Alone Prescription Drug Plans. Data as of September 12, 2006. Includes all contracts/plans regardless of 2007 approval status. Employer sponsored plans (800 series) are excluded."

Brochure or publication:
Landscape: Minnesota Medicare Advantage, Cost Plans, and Demonstrations

file size:80 pg.   languages: English
"Minnesota 2007 Medicare Advantage, Cost, and Demonstration Plans. Data as of September 29, 2006. Includes all contracts/plans regardless of 2007 approval status. PACE, Special Needs Plans, and Employer sponsored plans (800 series) are excluded."

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