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Medicare Glossary of Terms and Acronyms
Web pages and brochures that help you find definitions and meanings of Medicare terms, words, and acronyms.

This is one section of The Medicare Project, a series of consumer directories that help seniors through the maze of Medicare information in the hundreds of pages at government and private websites. Our editors have chosen these recommendations to help you find answers to questions about Medicare insurance and coverage. This section focuses on Medicare's vast vocabulary with resources to glossary coverage of Medicare terms and acronyms.

There are literally thousands of Medicare terms and acronyms

The language of Medicare is filled with unique terms and abbreviations that most American's have never heard or used in everyday conversation. The links below will take you to on-line glossaries that provide definitions and other help in understanding these special terms.

Don't forget, however, that these web pages are not legal documents. The official Medicare program provisions are found in the relevant laws, regulations, and rulings. (For other Medicare topics, see our home page The Medicare Project - home)

Web pages and brochures from government, education, and non-commercial sites about Medicare terms and acronyms:

web page:
Medicare Glossary - The Official U.S. Government Site for People with Medicare
languages: English
our comments: There are so many definitions listed in the glossary that it's best if you search by the first letter of the word you want defined. You can choose from a list of A through Z. (Hint: there are no terms for X, Y, or Z.)

web page:
(Medicare & Medicaid) Acronyms

source:Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
languages: English
from the web page: "An acronym is a term formed from the initial letter or letters of each of the major parts of a compound term. This list explains acronyms found on the web site and other acronyms that are commonly used. This list is not a legal document. Select one of the following letters to view the list of acronyms that begins with that letter... "

web page:
Glossary of Medicare Terms

source:Medicare Rights Center
languages: English
from the web page: "Understanding Medicare means knowing the meaning of many unfamiliar terms. We would like to share a few key words and acronyms with you... "
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Medicare brochure:

source:Families USA
also from Families USA:
Medicare brochure:
Medicare Drug Benefit Glossary of Terms: Help for the Perplexed
4 pages; languages: English
from the brochure: "To navigate through the Medicare drug benefit and Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Finder on the Internet, it is helpful to be familiar with certain terms that relate to insurance, specifically drug coverage, prescription drugs, and some terms or concepts that are unique to the Medicare drug benefit. Here are 23 terms that a Medicare beneficiary is likely to encounter that he or she may not be familiar with...."

web page:
Medicare Glossary: terms and definitions of health care-related issues
languages: English
from the web page: "This glossary defines terms you may encounter when dealing with Medicare or with health care-related issues. Click on a letter below to view the list of words that start with that letter, or scroll down to browse all the words in the glossary."

web page:
Medicare Reimbursement Terminology

source:Walgreens Home Care
languages: English

web page:
Glossary of Terms - Part B Medicare Benefits for Medical Nutrition Therapy

source:American Diabetes Association
languages: English
from the web page: "Part B Medicare Benefits for MNT - Glossary of Terms medical nutrition therapy"


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