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Medicaid in Indiana*

" Medicaid is more than just health coverage. It’s vital health care, helping about one in seven Hoosiers - nearly 800,000 - stay healthy or start on the road to better health.

Through Hoosier Healthwise, which serves more than 450,000 children and pregnant women, we are working to ensure that more young children receive well-child doctor visits, helping them to a healthy start in their critical developmental years...

Through our Medicaid “waiver” programs, we help seniors and people with disabilities become active members of their communities instead of living in an institution.

...Medicaid is an essential health care program that tangibly improves the health and lives of hundreds of thousands of Hoosiers..."
*source: Indiana Office of Medicaid Policy and Planning, Indianapolis, IN 46207-7083

Children's Medicaid in Indiana

See the section on this page Health Programs for Children: CHIP: Indiana

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Medicaid in Indiana: How It Works; An Introduction to Indiana Medicaid; What is Indiana Medicaid?

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    Traditional Medicaid

    source:Indiana Medicaid for Members
    languages: English; from the webpage:
    "...Traditional Medicaid is a healthcare program for low-income individuals that offers medical care such as doctor visits, prescription drugs, dental and vision care, family planning, mental health care, surgeries and hospitalizations..."
    • also from Indiana Medicaid for Members:
      web page:
      Acronym Guide
      languages: English; from the webpage:
      "...There are many acronyms associated with the social services systems in Indiana and with health care in general. Below you will find a listing of common acronyms and their meanings..."

    • also from Indiana Medicaid for Members:
      web page:
      Glossary of Terms
      languages: English; from the webpage:
      "Medicaid and FAMIS Plus (Medicaid coverage for children) are programs that help pay for medical care. To be eligible for Medicaid or FAMIS Plus you must have limited income and resources (things that you or someone in your household own) and you must be in one of the groups of people covered by Medicaid..."

    • web page:
      FAQ: General Medicaid
      languages: English; from the webpage:
      "What's the difference between Medicare and Medicaid... What is Prior Authorization... Can I get a ride to my doctor or dentist office? ..."

    • web page:
      languages: English; from the webpage:
      "All IHCP members received a letter explaining the changes to IHCP programs and detailing exactly who will be impacted by each change. You can view a copy of that letter in English or Spanish..."
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Indiana Medicaid Eligibility, How to get Medicaid in Indiana, Requirements


Applying for Indiana Medicaid


Indiana Medicaid Offices


Indiana Medicaid Health Plans, HMO, Indiana Primary Care Physicians


Children's Medicaid: Health Programs for Children: Indiana CHIP:


Indiana CHIP - Children's Health Insurance Program

"...The Children's Health Insurance Plan (CHIP) for children up to age 19, falls under the Hoosier Healthwise program. In CHIP your child may be covered by paying a low-cost monthly premium. This option is available to members who may earn too much money to qualify for the standard Hoosier Healthwise coverage..."

source: Indiana Medicaid for Members, Indianapolis, Indiana

Indiana Medicaid Benefits and Coverage: Medicaid Services


Medicaid Prescription Drugs; Preferred Drug List


Indiana Medicaid Dental Services; Dentist


Indiana Medicaid and Nursing Homes, Assisted Living, Home Health Care


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