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Arizona Medicaid: Medicaid assistance and Arizona Medicaid help Were you looking for Arizona Medicaid instead of Arizona Medicare? This link provides a directory of Medicare web sites, articles, publications, brochures
The Medicare Coverage Gap (The Doughnut Hole) A directory of web sites, articles, and publications that helps explain what and how the Prescription Drug Coverage Gap works.

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Alzheimer's Association
"The Alzheimer’s Association, a world leader in Alzheimer research and support, is the first and largest voluntary health organization dedicated to finding prevention methods, treatments and an eventual cure for Alzheimer’s."
topics of interest from the Alzheimer's Association:
web page:
If You Have Alzheimer's
languages: English
from the web page: "If you have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease or a related disorder, or if you are experiencing changes in your memory, this section is for you..."

web page:
Caring for Alzheimer's
languages: English
from the web page: "...This section provides information on Alzheimer care strategies. Experiment to find those that work for you and the person you care for..."

web page:
Medicare and Medicaid
languages: English
from the web page: "...Medicare covers some, but not all, of the services a person with Alzheimer’s disease may require..."

Important things to consider when choosing a Medicare drug plan for people with Alzheimer’s disease
3 pages; languages: English
from the publication: "...Prescription drug coverage is available to all Medicare beneficiaries. If you (or a family member) have Alzheimer’s disease, you should consider the following important factors before making a decision about which drug plan is right for you..."

Mayo Clinic Alzheimer's Center
"Find Alzheimer's disease information — from understanding Alzheimer's disease to coping with Alzheimer's symptoms and Alzheimer's care"
topics of interest from the Mayo Clinic Alzheimer's Center:
web page:
Early-onset Alzheimer's: Financial challenges
languages: English
from the web page: "By planning ahead with trusted family members and professionals, you can ease the financial burdens of early-onset Alzheimer's disease. (topics include) What do I tell my boss? Start planning now; Financial assistance available; Diagnosis changes life..."

web page:
Alzheimer's symptoms
languages: English
from the web page: "...Articles: Alzheimer's or depression: Could it be both?; Alzheimer's stages; Diagnosing Alzheimer's: An interview with a Mayo Clinic specialist; Memory loss: When to seek help; Primary progressive aphasia..."

Alzheimer's Disease Education and Referral (ADEAR) Center - National Institute on Aging, NIH, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
"Find Alzheimer's disease information — from understanding Alzheimer's disease to coping with Alzheimer's symptoms and Alzheimer's care"
topics of interest from the Alzheimer's Disease Education and Referral (ADEAR) Center:
web page:
Alzheimer's Disease Fact Sheet
languages: English
from the web page: "Dementia is a brain disorder that seriously affects a person’s ability to carry out daily activities. The most common form of dementia among older people is Alzheimer’s disease (AD), which initially involves the parts of the brain that control thought, memory, and language...."

Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease
16 pages; languages: English
from the publication: "Do you have questions about Alzheimer’s disease? Please read this booklet. It tells you about: • Alzheimer’s disease (pronounced Allz-high-merz di-zeez); • The signs of Alzheimer’s disease; • Why it is so important to see your doctor early; • Treatment for the disease; • How to get help if you are caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease"

Understanding Memory Loss
20 pages; languages: English
from the publication: "We have written this booklet to help you know: 1. The difference between mild forgetfulness and more serious memory problems. 2. The medical causes of memory problems and how they can be treated. 3. How to cope with serious memory problems."

Alzheimer's Foundation of America
"To provide optimal care and services to individuals confronting dementia, and to their caregivers and families—through member organizations dedicated to improving quality of life." "
topics of interest from the Alzheimer's Foundation of America:
web page:
languages: English
from the web page: "...AFA's toll-free hotline provides information, counseling by licensed social workers and referrals to community resources across the nation...."

web page:
Quilt to Remember
languages: English
from the web page: "The AFA Quilt to Remember pays tribute to all those who have passed or are living with dementia, and their families, so that others can recognize the reality and enormity of this disease, and acknowledge that we stand united for optimal care and a cure."

"Our mission is to empower you to make educated health and lifestyle choices for yourself and your family. Helpguide is a non-profit resource offering over 150 comprehensive articles reviewed by recognized professionals. " "
topics of interest from the Helpguide.Org:
web page:
Alzheimer's: Signs, Symptoms, and Stages
languages: English
from the web page: "...Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive fatal illness that causes areas of the brain to shrink. The resulting symptoms start with memory loss and other cognitive deficits, advancing to major personality changes and eventual loss of control over bodily functions..."

web page:
Caring for a Person with Alzheimer's Disease or Another Dementia
languages: English
from the web page: "In This Article: Alzheimer’s patients: Home care tips; Alzheimer's patients: safe to leave alone?; Promoting feelings of comfort for patients; Keeping patients safe in the house; Useful routines for daily living; References and resources; Alzheimers's: engaging in fun and socializing"

NIHSeniorHealth - Health Information for Older Adults (National Institute on Aging (NIA) and the National Library of Medicine (NLM) )
"NIHSeniorHealth makes aging-related health information easily accessible for family members and friends seeking reliable, easy to understand online health information."
topics of interest from the NIHSeniorHealth:
web page:
NIHSeniorHealth: Caring for Someone with Alzheimers - Home Care
languages: English
from the web page: "Caring for a person with Alzheimer's disease at home is a difficult task. Basic activities of daily living -- eating, talking, sleeping, finding things to do -- are often hard to manage for both the person with Alzheimer's and the caregiver. Here are some tips that may help you cope..."

web page:
Alzheimer's Disease - Frequently Asked Questions
languages: English
30 common questions about Alzheimer's Disease

Medicare brochure or publication:
Medicare and You - 2006

source:Medicare & You 2006

file size: 104 pg.   languages: English
This handbook describes important changes in Medicare. You can find basic information about the Medicare Program as well as specific information about each type of Medicare Advantage Plan or other Medicare Health Plan and prescription drug coverage choice.

Medicare Web Page:
Medicare Rx, (also called Medicare Part D)

source: Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System
languages: English
" provide important information to Medicare-eligible Arizonans who depend on AHCCCS (Medicaid) for their health care or drug coverage needs..."

Medicare brochure or publication:
Kansas Medicare Drug Plan Ratings

file size:5 pg.  languages: English
"...This AARP rating tool contains information about “stand-alone” Medicare plans in your state that cover only prescription drugs...."
Medicare Web Page:
Arizona: Medicare Hospital Payments

source:Kaiser Family Foundation /
languages: English
Range of Medicare Payments (Low-25th Percentile/High-75th Percentile) for Top Five Elective Inpatient Hospital Procedures, FY2005

Medicare Web Page:

source:Medicare Rights Center
languages: English  
from the web page:... have increased the complexity of Medicare. The vast number of plan choices in Parts C and D has left many consumers and their caregivers overwhelmed, unable to discern which plan options are best for them. The results of this confusion leave some with insufficient or inappropriate coverage, saddled with unaffordable medical bills or unable to obtain needed health care...."

Medicaid brochure or publication:
A Consumer's Guide to Getting and Keeping Health Insurance in Arizona
file size: 40pg.   languages: English
from GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY HEALTH POLICY INSTITUTE. As a resident of Arizona, you have rights under federal and state law that will protect you when you seek to buy, keep, or switch your health insurance, even if you have a serious health condition. This guide describes your protections as a resident of Arizona.

Medicare brochure or publication:
State Pharmacy Listing - Aetna Medicare RxSM Plans - Arizona State

Aetna Medicare

Medicaid brochure or publication:
Your Medicare Rights and Protections

source: U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
44pp   languages: English
Fairly detailed explanations and descriptions about your Medicare rights and protections.

web page:
Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Finder

languages: English
"As you consider Medicare prescription drug coverage, think about what matters most to you. There are a range of plan options available, and the Landscape of Local Plans can help you focus on the kind of coverage you prefer. on your state on the map"


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