What is a Medicare 5-Star Plan Rating?

It's the same rating idea as you see for hotels, or movies. The best plans are given more stars.


Medicare has devised a way to measure how well a prescription plan performs within its category.

Medicare star ratings

Plans are given a rating of between 1 and 5 stars. According to Medicare, a 1-star rating is "poor", 2 stars is "below average" quality, 3 stars means "average" quality, 4 stars means "above average" quality and 5 stars means "excellent" quality.

Bear in mind, however, that these are standards measured according to Medicare's system. Your personal experience might be different. In our experience, we found it best to use a combination of the star ratings and our past experience with a company to make our decisions.

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We aren't experts- we'll leave that to the real experts-- for the more complicated rules and issues of Medicare. What you'll find here is a beginning point. A start in your Medicare journey.

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You will find information about switching to a plan with a 5-star rating on page 87.

You should have received a copy of 'Medicare & You 2015' in the mail. If you don't have your copy, call 800-803-7174. Download a pdf version.