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MEDICAID | MEDICARE | Guides, Help, and Info

This site is dedicated to helping people find basic information on the government programs Medicare and Medicaid.

We began, years ago, as a directory of brochures and publications that were available on the 'net. The focus was on public health care, like Medicaid and Medicare. Over time, our directories have grown to include web pages, web sites, and even videos.

When you must navigate the maze of government health programs for yourself, your family, and your friends or neighbors, we hope you find our directories of website and publications a good place to start.

Our listings are 90% non-commercial. Most of our directories include web sites from government, educational and association resources.


The Medicare Project

There are two sections:

1. A collection of pages about basic Medicare.

2. Separate pages for each state with links to prescription programs, help, and Medicare programs.

Start here for Medicare

The Medicaid Project

Individual pages for each state with links to web pages and brochures about "How Medicaid works", eligibility, coverage, how to apply for Medicaid, and other topics. Includes state Medicaid programs for adults and children.

Start here for Medicaid
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